Wiangaree Park Senepols


Wiangaree Park Senepol is located north of Kyogle at the base of the Border Ranges in Northern New South Wales.  Our Coastal country varies from creek flats with improved pastures to hilly forest country.  Our Herd has grown to approximately 300 breeders with the majority being Purebred Senepol and an increasing number of Red Senegus, (Senepol/Red Angus composite).

We are confident that we have a good cow herd with a broad genetic base, as a result of sourcing the best  genetics to be found within the breed, for the nucleus of our herd.  We continue to selectively purchase good cows from other Studs and last year we purchased a number of cows at the Carlowrie Park Dispersal and we also purchased 6 cows  from John Brandon of Boomerang Park for use in our E.T. programs.

We are very encouraged by our young cattle coming through. This year all of our natural joining’s will be by home bred Sires that tick all of the boxes. We select for temperament, skin and hair type, with good frame and adequate muscle and thickness. These traits are showing through in this years draft and we are also very pleased with our yearling Bulls for next year.

The Bulls have been run predominantly on pasture and supplemented with silage and for the last 100 days they have had a pasture, hay and stud mix preparation. This year we have utilized an additional hill paddock for the Bulls and we have found the additional exercise has kept the bulls looking very fit. The uniformity of the draft this year is also very pleasing.

All Bulls have had 7 in 1, Botulism, 3 day ,3 germ, Pesti and Vibrio vaccinations.

Within this draft we have a number of bulls that would fit into any stud operation and the  remainder being very handy Herd Bulls. The Stud Sires used to produce this draft of bulls are Wiangaree Park Sunrise, who is as good a Bull as  you would find in any breed, we have collected him and he is being used to A.I. a large mob of heifers shortly. A number of this draft  are by 5 Star Weatherman, and Sons are out of cows we purchased at the Carlowrie Dispersal. We have an outstanding Weatherman Son in our Nudgee Show Team, who will be joining our Sire Team next year. Big Del has been in use for a number of years and we are seeing a large number of his heifers now calving. He is an exceptional Calving ease bull, and his daughters have good frame and milking abilities.

Kurt & Liz Baumgart

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