Silverleigh Senepols

Silverleigh Success At The Ekka 2013

Silverleigh Success At The Ekka 2013

After discovering Senepols from 5 Star Stud at Farmfest in 2002 and viewing Senepol x Red Angus at Berry Reynolds Red Angus stud we started an AI program over stud Murray Grey cows and registered our first cross animals in 2003 by Wizard and have now reached purebred status by 4 crosses. Every bit as impressive as we had hoped! We then purchased some 2nd cross embryos. These were a product of an AACO contract program. They had sourced top quality Red Angus and red factor black Angus females to flush to Senepol. Some outstanding females were produced by Hercules and Wizard and these have formed to backbone of our current female herd. The best female was flushed to Nocona and produced numerous quality daughters whilst the other females produced top quality progeny by elite AI sires such as HBC 28G, WC112N, and PRR2011L. Other females were added from flushing of Elite Te Mania Angus females. A few purebred embryos were purchased from 5 Star. Most of our herd is now upgraded to purebred although the most superior first and second cross females have been retained.

As a consequence we have a small herd of around 25 breeders, which have distinctively different female cow families to anything else in the breed. Maybe this also just adds a little extra hybrid vigor. We have focused on selecting an animal which is phenotypically more like a british breed which may be a selling advantage being based in southern Queensland but the ‘’flat back’’ is also desirable in the more northern or coastal areas. They retain the slick coat necessary in a tropical environment.

We have found the Senepols to cope well with both the Darling Downs cold winters and quite hot summers. They have shown an ability to survive and thrive in very dry years with significant feed shortages. They have temperament second to none and are very easy care no-nonsense cattle. They calve easily and the calves are very active. They appear to have some resistance to calf scours and pinkeye. I don’t have proof of this but rarely ever treat an animal for these conditions any more. They are just very easy cattle to get along with.

Our breeding program of recent years has involved some limited AI with proven bulls and rotation of some superior natural sires we have had shares in. These include Duarran Brian Lara, a Wizard son, and full flush brother to some of the most outstanding cows sold at AACO dispersal. A son of Brian and brother to the much decorated show cow Boomerang Park April et (Hercules x CRSC10E) proved very successful. Cobrabald Bonaparte (by Napoleon), a half maternal brother to top ai sire CN349L, bred some quality animals in 2 seasons. We followed with with a loan of the well proven Caribbean Boris 04180 (by Hercules). Current calves on the ground by PHA Bob Marley (by 28G) are the most outstanding we have had to date and we hope to use him again soon. 5 Star Solomon, built like a Limousin with slick coat and wonderful Senepol temperament is just starting to drop calves.

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