Namoona Trig Senepols

GOD1050 Who sold in Emerald in 2012 for $6000 to Mongool Charolais

GOD1050 Who sold in Emerald in 2012 for $6000 to Mongool Charolais

Namoona Trig Senepol Stud was commenced in November 2006 by Colin & Janelle Godfrey with the purchase of numerous quality registered Purebred females & 2 bulls, one by Wizard, the other by Kings Alpha, at the AACo dispersal sale. These 2 exceptional bulls have left a solid foundation for our herd going forward. Over the years we have purchased over 100 quality females from Caribbean, Five Star, Hazeldean(via Five Star) & Eaglehawk herds. We also purchased a large framed 28G bull from the Caribbean herd. Although all our initial sires, particularly AACoSE4P010 (sire Kings Alpha) have left many fine females, we followed the route of largely using our home bred sires. Generally we have found these to have a greater positive impact on our herd than the outside sires we have used. We now have over 300 purebred Senepol females; these numbers allow us to have good selection pressure within our herd. We are concentrating on increasing muscularity without sacrificing functionality or size. Namoona Nocona 2 (by Eaglehawk Billabong) is the king of muscle & is passing this on to his progeny. Jason Alexander , a son of our foundation Wizard sire was sold to Semex for world semen sales, he weighed 1114 kg, is an easy doing type who has left us with growth, well conformed progeny.

The herd is grazed on sub coastal pasture in The Northern Rivers of NSW, most of our breeding herd is on secondary forest soils at Ellangowan. Despite challenging growing conditions, our bulls are largely grown on pasture, except for weaning supplementation and presale preparation. Preparation occurs in hilly rocky paddocks on our Fairy Hill property. This preparation results in sound, functional bulls, they may not have grown to their full potential, they will however perform well almost anywhere. This said we did sell a bull at Emerald in 2012 for $9,000, he weighed 910kg the day he turned 2 years of age, he was by AACoSE4P010.

In the past we have sold bulls to $10,500 at Emerald, however there will also be good bulls that will sell from $3,000.

At this year’s sale we will be presenting 24 quality bulls. The draft will be from 18 to 25 months of age. We’re concentrating on producing medium sized, functional cattle, we wish to dispel any preconceived ideas as to what the Senepol is.

All bulls are Senepol Australia registered and have received the full raft of vaccinations as per sale conditions.

For easydoing, functional Senepol bulls, check our cattle out, we will have cattle on display at Aggrow 2017, and we intend supporting this event into the future.

More information about us can be found at Namoona Trig Senepols

Colin, Janelle & Blair Godfrey

11175 Summerland Way

Fairy Hill, NSW, 2470

Mob: 0427524755 (Col’s)



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